The latest addition to the Hooves4Hospice herd is a very special young animal. He is a member of one of Ireland’s oldest breeds of cattle that was endangered as recently as the turn of the century. The stronghold of his breed is in the south of the kingdom of Kerry. At school, we all encountered the poem  ‘An Dromfhionn Donn Dilis’ which in english translates as the ‘The  Faithfull Brown Droimeann’. In the nineteen eighties, a long lived droimeann cow effcetionately known as ‘Big Bertha’ enjoyed bovine celebrity status. Otherwise the breed is not one that many are familiar with.

  That is changing though. With a view to saving the breed from extinction a number of breeders and enthusiasts began to meet up and with the assistance of the Dept. of Agriculture, Weathebys, the ICBF and Teagasc, good progress is being made in recent years aimed at preserving this ancient native breed of farm animal. There is now a well organised, active Droimeann Cattle Breeders Society.

The Droimeann Bull donated to h4h was born in February 2019. He is 94% pure (no grain, no doses, no chemicaals & outwintered)

A condition of sale is that the bull is kept for breeding purposes for 12 months.

Proceeds of sale to go to Hooves4Hospice




Born February 2019.

94% pure (no grain, no doses, no chemicals, outwintered)


A condition of the sale is that the bull is kept for breeding purposes for 12 months




Contact : 0868180919

Farmer James Kane tells his story and explains why a full hospice care facility is required in the midlands

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Nine cuddly black and white, very cute collie puppies born to Meg on the Connor family farm at Lehinch, Clara, are the latest inspiring and positive event on the Hooves4Hospice journey.

The playful puppies, with names including Molly, Patsy, Commet and Bell, were collected by their new owners last week, and all have gone to safe and welcoming homes.

The generosity of the Connor family, the new owners and their vet has resulted in a donation of €2,000 towards the Hooves4Hospice project. When mother Meg, herself a rescue dog, became pregnant the Connor family, who are already rearing an animal they donated to the Hooves4Hospice fundraising project decided on the very generous gift.

“Our first priority was finding good, safe homes for the puppies through friends and farm family contacts. As we feel Hooves4Hospice is such a worthwhile project we decided with the co-operation and generosity of the new owners to give the proceeds of the puppy donations to the project.

“Many of the new puppy owners had already heard about the project and were delighted to have the opportunity to be involved” said Stephanie.

The Connor family vet, Mr. Danny Murray, who runs a veterinary practice in Moate, on hearing of the project and the generosity of the new puppy owners, kindly vaccinated and micro chipped the puppies, free of charge, as his contribution to the project.

Kilcormac/Killoughy Clubs support Hooves4Hospice


Farmers, across the Midlands are very generous in their support of Hooves 4 Hospice and so too are many others.


For example, on the 21st. June, Kilcormac/Killoughy GAA, Camogie & Athletics Clubs joined forces in a fundraising project called “From Dawn to Dusk Run – Kilcormac/Killoughy Community Together for Hooves4Hospice”. Starting at dawn, club members ran continuously until dusk, which was a monumental undertaking on one of the longest days of the year. They succeeded and were handsomely rewarded by the financial support, amounting to more than three thousand euro, their fundraising project attracted.


The Tullamore and Birr Lions Clubs are most grateful to the clubs, the runners, those who made financial contributions and everyone who contributed to the success of the fundraising event.

Included in Photo

Pat Lalor, Tullamore Lions Club receives a check for funds raised towards Hooves 4 Hospice by Paul Craven, Kilcormac/Killoughey GAA; Ray Leonard, Birr Lions Club: Cormac Guinan, Kilcormac/Killoughey Camogie; Deirdre Egan, Kilcormac/Killoughey Athletics Club Fred Boulton, Birr Lions Club and Gerry Fagan, Hooves 4 Hospice Project

Christy Maye, Tullamore Lions Club visited Gillanders Daly’s farm, Creevaghmore, Ballymahon to mark the Hooves4Hospice fundraising project passing a major milestone this week, when the 300th animal was registered at a farm in the midlands.

Pictured are farmers participating in the Hooves4Hospice Project

Back: John Maye, Susan Bredin, Allen, Noel Gillanders, Andy Keegan and Christy Maye

Front: Florence, Leah & Rachel Gillanders

Mullingar Lions Club members visited Brian Daly’s farm, Killare, Co. Westmeath to mark the Hooves4Hospice fundraising project passing a major milestone this week when the 300th animal was registered at a farm in the midlands.

Pictured are Thomas Flynn (Mullingar Lions Club and participating farmer), Frank Dillon (Mullingar Lions Club and participating farmer), John Cochrane (Mullingar Lions Club) and Brian Daly (participating farmer).