Droimeann Bull Joins Hooves4Hospice Herd

The latest addition to the Hooves4Hospice herd is a very special young animal. He is a member of one of Ireland’s oldest breeds of cattle that was endangered as recently as the turn of the century. The stronghold of his breed is in the south of the kingdom of Kerry. At school, we all encountered the poem  ‘An Dromfhionn Donn Dilis’ which in english translates as the ‘The  Faithfull Brown Droimeann’. In the nineteen eighties, a long lived droimeann cow effcetionately known as ‘Big Bertha’ enjoyed bovine celebrity status. Otherwise the breed is not one that many are familiar with.

  That is changing though. With a view to saving the breed from extinction a number of breeders and enthusiasts began to meet up and with the assistance of the Dept. of Agriculture, Weathebys, the ICBF and Teagasc, good progress is being made in recent years aimed at preserving this ancient native breed of farm animal. There is now a well organised, active Droimeann Cattle Breeders Society.

The Droimeann Bull donated to h4h was born in February 2019. He is 94% pure (no grain, no doses, no chemicaals & outwintered)

A condition of sale is that the bull is kept for breeding purposes for 12 months.

Proceeds of sale to go to Hooves4Hospice




Born February 2019.

94% pure (no grain, no doses, no chemicals, outwintered)


A condition of the sale is that the bull is kept for breeding purposes for 12 months


Website: www.droimeanncattlesociety.com/stock-for-sale.html


Contact : 0868180919

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