Three Hooves for Hospice animals from neighbouring farms in Derrinboy, Kilcormac , Co. Offaly were sold at the Golden Vale Mart in Tullamore at the end of February for €4,800. Farmers, Mr. Joe Deegan, Mr. Aidan Gath and Mr. Joe Molloy very kindly reared the animals and donated the proceeds of the sale towards the cost of building the planned Midland Regional Hospice. The sale price reflected the great job the three farmers concerned did in rearing the animals that were sold..

The Hooves 4 Hospice team wishes to thank most sincerely G V Mart, Tullamore, the farmers who reared the animals and the purchasers who valued the animals so highly.

A very gratifying feature of the Lions Clubs promoted Hooves4Hospice fundraising project, in aid of the planned Midland Regional Hospice, is the generosity of young people towards it. A recent example of that generosity was the presentation of a cheque for €1,200 by a group of students at Moate Community School to project chairperson, Pat Lalor. The students, Sarah Murray, Lorna Eagney, Christopher Kerrigan and Conor O’Brien, having competed in a national competition, emerged as one of only five teams who won five Irish Angus calves. That was their reward for successfully promoting Irish Angus to producers and consumers. The competition involved a video entry, interviews and finally a selection process in Croke Park. The General Manager of the Irish Producer Group, Charles Smith, honored the team by visiting the school in person to present the trophy they also won.

In a thoughtful and generous act, the team decided to donate the proceeds of the sale of one of the animals to the Hooves4Hospice fundraising project. That money will now be invested in purchasing young animals that will be reared, free of charge, by host farmers who have offered to take part in the project. There are now close on 400 hundred animals registered in the Hooves4Hospice herd. The project was launched in January of this and has been remarkably successful in spite of the restrictions on promoting the project with farmers due to Covid19. The extraordinary generosity of the farming community towards the Hooves4Hospice project is proof, if proof were needed, of the deep-felt need there is for a Regional Hospice in our region.

The website: www.h4h.midlandhospice.ie provides extensive information on the project.

St. Kieran’s NS, Broughall is a small rural school located on the outskirts of Kilcormac. Pupils benefit massively from the low pupil teacher ratio which exists within the school. With three full time teachers working in the school, this affords our pupils the opportunity to engage with all elements of the curriculum as well as engaging in various different exciting initiatives and projects.

Broughall is a rural community which has lost many of it’s loved ones as a result of cancer. We as a school felt that the efforts to build a hospice facility in the midlands region is something our school wanted to add our support to.  ‘ Hooves 4 Hospice’ was the perfect opportunity for us to do something which would honour the memories of all those people in Broughall who lost their lives from cancer as well as being able to help in a practical way to put a much needed hospice facility in the midlands region. Michael Carroll the Chairperson of our Board of Management is a beef farmer and he offered to host the calf on his farm. Last March we were in the process of organising a family sponsored walk in Boora. We thought that this was a nice way to bring people from the school community and the local community together and raise money for a good cause, at the same time. When the restrictions came in, our fundraiser was put aside but not forgotten. When we returned to school in September, we did have to scale back our fundraiser a bit, so we held a fancy dress farmer sponsored walk within the school grounds. We raised enough money from the walk to purchase a calf and an extra 731 euros which we were in a position to donate directly to the hospice fundraiser.

The whole project has been a hugely positive experience for our pupils, staff and wider school community. We as a community have been devastated by the negative effects of cancer, so it was wonderful to be part of a project where we can help people who are affected by this awful illness. Our school is all about providing for our children’s future. In the future we want to see a state of the art hospice facility which people from our community can access. To be part of a project which makes this facility a reality was simply a no brainer for us. 

The latest addition to the Hooves4Hospice herd is a very special young animal. He is a member of one of Ireland’s oldest breeds of cattle that was endangered as recently as the turn of the century. The stronghold of his breed is in the south of the kingdom of Kerry. At school, we all encountered the poem  ‘An Dromfhionn Donn Dilis’ which in english translates as the ‘The  Faithfull Brown Droimeann’. In the nineteen eighties, a long lived droimeann cow effcetionately known as ‘Big Bertha’ enjoyed bovine celebrity status. Otherwise the breed is not one that many are familiar with.

  That is changing though. With a view to saving the breed from extinction a number of breeders and enthusiasts began to meet up and with the assistance of the Dept. of Agriculture, Weathebys, the ICBF and Teagasc, good progress is being made in recent years aimed at preserving this ancient native breed of farm animal. There is now a well organised, active Droimeann Cattle Breeders Society.

The Droimeann Bull donated to h4h was born in February 2019. He is 94% pure (no grain, no doses, no chemicaals & outwintered)

A condition of sale is that the bull is kept for breeding purposes for 12 months.

Proceeds of sale to go to Hooves4Hospice




Born February 2019.

94% pure (no grain, no doses, no chemicals, outwintered)


A condition of the sale is that the bull is kept for breeding purposes for 12 months


Website: www.droimeanncattlesociety.com/stock-for-sale.html


Contact : 0868180919

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